Cuomo assistant goes public with details of alleged groping by boss

Brittany Commisso, known in the N.Y. AG's report as "Executive Assistant #1," is revealing further details about alleged sexual misconduct by New York's beleaguered Democratic governor.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Gov. Andrew Cuomo
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An assistant to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo who anonymously accused him of groping her under her shirt (among other offenses) in a recent report by the state attorney general came forward publicly to disclose further details about her allegations in a TV interview Monday.

Brittany Commisso, identified as "Executive Assistant #1" in a recent 168-page report on alleged sexual misconduct by the governor compiled by New York Attorney General Letitia James, explained why she didn't come forward earlier in an interview on "CBS This Morning." 

"People don't understand that this is the governor of the state of New York," Commisso said. "There are troopers outside. They are not there to protect me, they are there to protect him ... I felt as though if I did something to insult him, especially insult him in his own home, it wasn't going to be him that's going to get fired or in trouble."

Commisso described the progression of Cuomo's inappropriate behavior, beginning with hugs that she found uncomfortable.

"These are not hugs that he would give his mother or his brother," she said. "These were hugs with the intention of getting some personal sexual satisfaction out of."

Soon, hugs became kisses on the cheek, "and then there was at one point a hug, and then when he went to go kiss me on the cheek he'd quickly turned his head and he kissed me on the lips," said Commisso. 

Cuomo continues to deny all wrongdoing, arguing that he customarily greets people — men and women alike — with hugs and kisses. The governor released a video last week that included a montage of images of himself (and other politicians for comparison) hugging and kissing individuals at various events over the years. 

"Maybe to him this was normal, but to me and the other women he did this to it was not normal," said Commisso. "It was not welcomed, and it was certainly not consensual. 

"I do think he needs to resign, and I think that he needs to seek counseling. I do think that he needs professional help."