GOP Rep Steube: Ex-Twitter CEO Dorsey committed felony by lying to Congress, should be prosecuted

'In my opinion, he lied to Congress, which is a felony and an offense,' Rep. Steube said
Jack Dorsey

GOP Florida Rep. Greg Steube said Wednesday that when Jack Dorsey was CEO of Twitter he committed a felony by lying to Congress when testifying under oath that the social media company was not outright censoring content or covertly limiting it by a process known as shadow-banning. 

"In my opinion, he lied to Congress, which is a felony and an offense," Steube said on the John Solomon Reports podcast. "If the Michael Cohen's of the world who worked for Trump can get prosecuted for that, then he should too."

In September of 2018, Dorsey was asked by the House Energy and Commerce Committee whether Twitter engaged in censorship or shadow banning

Dorsey told committee member Pennsylvania GOP Rep. Mike Doyle three times that was not happening. 

"Social media is being rigged to censor conservatives. Is that true of Twitter?" Doyle asked.

"No," Dorsey answered. 

"Are you censoring people?" Doyle asked.

"No," Dorsey responded.

"Twitter’s shadow-banning prominent Republicans-is that true?" Doyle asked, to which Dorsey again replied "no."

The release of the so-call "Twitter files" by new Twitter CEO Elon Musk appears to show high-level Twitter officials were censoring content and users and that the decision were perhaps politically motivated. 

Rep. Steube hinted that the new GOP-controlled House would bring Dorsey in and have him testify.

"The great thing about the Republican majority in the House, regardless of what happened in the Senate, is we have subpoena power now, oversight authority now, and the ability to call these people in, put them under oath and make prosecutorial referrals to the DOJ," Steube said.

"They knew what was going on. They were 100% censoring individuals, and he (Dorsey) lied to Congress. There needs to be some accountability for that-not just for Republicans who work for Trump, but for anybody that breaks our law in our country."

Jack Dorsey has not responded for comment as of now.