Former Trump adviser predicts more classified documents will be found with elected officials

"It's making our government from top to bottom look like a Mickey Mouse operation," said Patel.
Tax documents in IRS warehouse. Ogden, Utah. March 31, 2022.
(Alex Goodlett for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Former Trump adviser Kash Patel predicted Wednesday that there would be more classified documents found in possession of formerly elected officials. 

"There's gonna be more and more places where Biden's documents turn up. It's gonna go on for a while," Patel said on the John Solomon Reports podcast. 

In the past few weeks, it was revealed that President Joe Biden and former Vice President Mike Pence had classified documents in their homes. Pence informed Congress this week that he had some in his home in Indiana, while Biden had them in multiple places such as his home in Delaware and at his former office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington.

"The Pence thing may be a little bit of a surprise, maybe not," Patel commented on the Pence documents. "But I'm sure any former vice president who's out there right now is probably doing a double check for documents just in case."

The former adviser said that this whole situation is making the United States government look irresponsible and reckless regarding how they handle classified documents.

"It's making our government from top to bottom look like a Mickey Mouse operation," Patel stated. "I understand that there are documents when you're a vice president and what not that can inadvertently when you pack up and leave come with you. But that is the job of the 10,000 plus people that surround the White House to ensure that doesn't happen."

"Not to mention the 55,000 intelligence officials that work for the United States," he continued. "And so it's not even reckless or careless. It's just more of government interference and government corruption to say, 'We know better. We know what we're doing. You the American people don't.'"