'Brutal layoffs' coming to the Washington Post after major subscriber losses

Newspaper has struggled to maintain edge in post-Trump era.
The Washington Post

Heavy layoffs are reportedly on the way at the Washington Post after the newspaper has weathered significant subscriber losses over the past eighteen months. 

Publisher Fred Ryan told Post workers at a town hall on Wednesday that the company was anticipating significant layoffs in the coming year. Video posted to social media showed workers peppering Ryan with questions as he struggled to deliver the news. 

The paper has reportedly shed hundreds of thousands of subscribers since Biden took office, allegedly dropping 500,000 subscriptions over that time period.

The union representing Post workers, the Washington Post guild, on Tuesday night posted a bitter thread on its Twitter feed arguing that "after brutal layoffs, we want answers about WaPo's future."

Quoting the newspaper's tagline, the guild sarcastically asked: "Democracy Dies in Darkness, eight?"