Fox's Laura Ingraham: 'Exhausted' voters may be ready 'to turn the page' on Trump

She said Americans are "exhausted by the battle" involving Trump

Updated: August 16, 2022 - 9:52am

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham said Americans may be "exhausted" with the political battle and decide that it is "time to turn the page" on former President Trump as he decides whether to run for reelection in 2024.

"People conflate Trump with people’s overall sense of happiness in the country. Donald Trump’s been a friend of mine for 25 years, and I’m always very open about this on my show," Ingraham said Monday on "The Truth with Lisa Boothe" podcast. "But, you know we’ll see whether that’s what the country wants."

She also said: "The country, I think, is so exhausted. They’re exhausted by the battle, the constant battle, that they may believe that, well, maybe it’s time to turn the page if we can get someone who has all Trump’s policies, who’s not Trump."

Trump remains a top 2024 candidate among Republican voters with his popularity growing after the FBI's raid on his Mar-a-Lago estate, according to a recent poll.