John Solomon corrects the record on Rudy Giuliani Newsmax appearance

"People misread the comments didn't look at it, assumed that they understood what he was talking about."
Rudy Giuliani

Just the News Editor-in-Chief John Solomon on Tuesday corrected the record as to a Saturday Newsmax appearance by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani from which some viewers erroneously inferred that Solomon was in possession of Hunter Biden's laptop for more than a year prior to the New York Post's 2020 article using materials recovered from the device.

In Giuliani's appearance on the network's "Saturday Report," the former mayor indicated that he shared damaging materials on the Biden family with a number of prominent journalists, including Solomon, in 2019.

"Yeah. Listen, I think Rudy Giuliani made some comments to Newsmax and people mistook what he was saying, and the allegation suddenly gets flipped around that somehow I had the laptop in 2019. And I sat on it for 18 months. Not true at all. Rudy Giuliani has contacted all those media saying it's not true," Solomon said on the Tuesday edition of the "Just the News, No Noise" television show.

"In 2019, he began investigating Hunter Biden, he provided some information to me. That's well known, because it was in the impeachment trial, came out during the impeachment trial," Solomon continued. "And then he didn't have the laptop in 2019. He didn't get it until the fall of 2020. As soon as he made information public, Just the News and myself wrote stories, within 20 hours, I think of the first laptop story being revealed."

"We were censored like other people, but we kept writing. In fact, I've written over three dozen stories about content from the laptop, just a wrong story," Solomon went on. "People misread the comments, didn't look at it, assumed that they understood what he was talking about."

"I volunteered to cooperate with the Justice Department during the probe that cleared Rudy Giuliani," he continued. "I revealed to the Justice Department, they saw this, I got my information from the Justice Department. The FBI and the Justice Department were my original sources. It's funny, when the prosecutors found out about that I never heard from them again."

The Justice Department announced in November that the former mayor would not face charges stemming from its probe. That investigation explored his relationship with Ukrainian officials and saw the seizure of electronic devices from his apartment.

"I started my journey, investigating Hunter Biden, based on information I got from the Justice Department and the FBI back in December 2018," Solomon continued. "I provided the proof to that. My editors knew that during all the attacks thrown at me, in 2019, 2020, 2021. I kind of kept quiet but now that I've cooperated, it's out there. It's safe for everybody to see. I learned it from the FBI, because people in the FBI were concerned what they had learned about Hunter Biden."

Giuliani has contacted multiple news outlets that erroneously reported on the conversation to clarify that Solomon reported on the information he provided to him. The Gateway Pundit, one of those outlets, issued the following statement:

NOTE: This report was updated after a discussion with Rudy as noted above.  Rudy clarified that Sean Hannity and John Solomon both worked with him in reporting the Bidens’ corruption in Ukraine.  Mike Pompeo did not.   TGP is planning on interviewing Rudy tomorrow to address the Biden corruption in the Ukraine and Hunter’s laptop.