Photojournalist says police removed him from border under orders of Biden immigration enforcement

"Stop the media border ban," says award-winning photographer.
U.S. Border Patrol apprehends illegal immigrants, McAllen, TX, Mar. 23
U.S. Border Patrol apprehends illegal immigrants, McAllen, TX, Mar. 23
(John Moore/Getty)

A celebrated photojournalist claims that local law enforcement removed him from the area of the U.S. border under orders from Biden immigration officials, allegedly the latest in a series of steps the Biden administration has taken to black out media access of the border crisis. 

John Moore, a photographer with Getty whose work depicting immigration in the United States won him the World Press Photo Foundation's 2019 Photo of the Year, wrote on Twitter on Thursday that he was detained by police while photographing illegal immigrants within the U.S. 

"I took these photos of migrants walking up from the border," he said, sharing several images. "I was later removed by local law enforcement, saying they were under orders from US Customs and Border Protection."

"I respectfully ask the White House to stop the media border ban," he said in the tweet.

Moore earlier this month said he was forced to take photographs of U.S. border enforcement from the Mexican side of the border, claiming that "zero access is granted to media" on the U.S. side. 

On Thursday, meanwhile, he wrote that "most border areas near the Rio Grande are completely off limits to media."

Pressed at a Thursday press conference as to when media would be allowed inside migrant facilities, Biden ultimately responded: "I don't know."