White House press secretary shuts down reporter for shouting question to Fauci about COVID origins

The exchange between White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and the reporter escalated when a fellow reporter came to her defense.
Karine Jean-Pierre at a White House press conference, Sept. 28

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre admonished reporters Tuesday for shouting during a midday press conference featuring retiring White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The exchanges started when Daily Caller White House correspondent Diana Glebova tried to ask what Fauci had done to investigate the origins of the coronavirus.

Jean-Pierre responded: "We have a process here. I'm not calling out on people who yell. And you're being you're being you're being disrespectful to your colleagues, and you're being disrespectful to our guest. I will not call on you if you yell, and also you're taking time off the clock because Dr. Fauci has to leave in a couple of minutes."

When Glebova objected, the press secretary stated she was "done" and was "not getting into a back and forth with you," Fox News reports.

The exchange was followed by Today Africa News journalist Simon Ateba defending Glebova, complaining about briefing room hierarchy and saying her question was fair.

"You need to call [on] people across the room," Ateba said. "She has a valid question, she's asked about the origin of COVID."

Jean-Pierre responded: "It is not your turn. I hear your question, but we're not doing this the way you want it. This is disrespectful. ... Simon, I'm done. I'm done with you right now. You're taking time away from your colleagues."