Impeachment figure Bobulinski sues Democrat’s star J6 witness Hutchinson for defamation

A star-studded crossover is set for federal court between impeachment witness Tony Bobulinski and Jan. 6 witness Cassidy Hutchinson.
Cassidy Hutchinson

In an unexpected crossover, former Hunter Biden partner and impeachment witness Tony Bobulinski sued former Trump White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson for defamation over anecdotes contained in her book.

“Because Mr. Bobulinski did not pledge blind loyalty to the Democrat Party and to the Biden family, but rather, was a guest of President Trump’s at a Presidential debate, Defendant, Cassidy Hutchinson chose to viciously defame him,” reads the lawsuit obtained by Just the News.

The suit further states: “Defendant [Hutchinson] released a book in which she defamed Mr. Bobulinski and painted him in a false light. Defendant did so, in part, by lying about a meeting between Mr. Bobulinski and Mark Meadows, dishonestly portraying it to be unethical and, possibly, illegal. Consequently, Mr. Bobulinski now seeks to hold Defendant accountable for her malicious conduct."

You can read the lawsuit below:

Hutchinson and Bobulinski have each been at the center of two major House investigations over the past three years, the Democratic January 6 Select Committee investigation into the riot and, respectively, the Republican Oversight Committee’s impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

Hutchinson has come under renewed scrutiny by House Republicans after reports she made significant changes to her testimony to the Jan. 6 committee over multiple interview sessions in 2022. Hutchinson’s stories played a major, prime-time role in the committee’s public hearings, including her story about President Trump grabbing the wheel of the presidential vehicle, a story disputed by other witnesses.

Bobulinski recently testified before the House Oversight Committee and claimed Joe Biden was the “brand” his family sold and said the family patriarch was personally involved in his family’s business dealings.