In new video, Hunter Biden alleges Russian drug dealers stole his laptop

The first son has famously struggled to keep track of his personal computers, among other things.
Hunter Biden

In a video unearthed by the Daily Mail, first son Hunter Biden is seen naked in a bed alongside an unequally unclothed female companion, recalling an incident in which he claims he almost overdosed and had his laptop stolen by Russian drug dealers during a bender in Las Vegas.

Over the course of the nearly four-minute video, Hunter rambles to the woman about the contents of the allegedly stolen laptop. He says the computer has videos of his "doing crazy f***ing sex," adding that he is worried the drug dealers will use the footage to blackmail him.

After describing the $10,000 a night bender he went on with the "the dealer and his two guys," the woman in the video asks if Hunter is worried the contents will be leaked, he responds, "My dad is running for president," later saying, "If they do, he also knows I make like a gazillion dollars."

The video, in which Biden and the woman can be seen doing drugs off of a nightstand next to the bed, is reportedly from January 2019 and the incident described by Hunter occurred in 2018. This is at least the third personal computer of which Hunter has lost track, creating an ongoing slew of issues for his famous political family.