National Security Advisor Sullivan says US meeting with allies, Russia regarding space threat

He also said that lawmakers held a bipartisan meeting to discuss the potential threat. 

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan says the U.S. is engaged in talks with allies and Russia regarding the country's anti-satellite weapon.

Sullivan said Thursday the goal is to try to ensure that things do not proceed in a way that end up destabilizing international peace and security," according to NPR. 

He also said lawmakers held a Washington bipartisan meeting to discuss the potential threat. 

“People – both Democrats and Republicans — focused on the substance, not on the politics or the public Sturm und Drang [turmoil], and I think we emerged with a good understanding of the way forward,” he said.

The White House earlier this week confirmed that Russia has obtained an emerging anti-satellite weapon, but said it cannot directly cause “physical destruction” on Earth directly. 

This confirmation came shortly after House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner urged President Joe Biden to declassify information related to a "serious national security threat."