U.S. to impose more sanctions on Russia, following Navalny imprisonment, recent cyber attacks

Tension between the U.S. and Russia continue to run high despite recent summit.
National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan said the U.S. will add more sanctions against Russia

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan says the U.S. will impose more sanctions on Russia in response to recent cyber attacks and the poisoning and imprisonment of Russian President Vladimir Putin political rival Alexei Navalny.

Sullivan made the announcement Sunday but did not provide details about the sanctions.

The announcement follows Putin saying at the close of his summit last week with President Biden in Geneva that he couldn't promise Navalny will leave prison alive.

Putin also suggested that Navalny's incarceration was the consequence of him intentionally breaking state law.

During an interview with on CNN's "State of the Union" broadcast, Sullivan said the U.S. is waiting to confirm it has the right people before imposing sanctions, but when officials do it will be with respect to chemical weapons.

The U.S. has said it believes Russia is behind a recent series of malware attacks including one on the Colonial Pipeline, a major supply of petroleum to the U.S.East Coast.

In April, the administration issued its first round of sanctions on Russia in response to Navalny's imprisonment and the recent cyberattacks on the U.S. government and companies. The sanctions were intended to make it more difficult for Russia to take part in the global economy.