Judicial Watch's Fitton on Durham Investigation: 'I don't know what we're spending the money on'

"Is he doing a serious criminal investigation," asks Fitton of the government prosecutor
FBI agents fatally shot in Sunrise, Fla., while serving warrant. Feb. 2, 2021.
(Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said Thursday morning that he's no longer sure "what we're spending the money on," regarding the long-awaited report and potential prosecutions from Justice Department special counsel John Durham.

"It's now been two-plus years, and we've had virtually zero activity from Durham as best as anyone can see," Fitton during an appearance on "Just the News AM."

Durham was appointed in 2019 by then-Attorney General William Barr to oversee a probe into how the federal investigation into alleged Russia-Trump campaign collusion started and to determine whether intelligence gathered about the 2016 presidential campaign was "lawful and appropriate."

He was later elevated by Barr to the post of special counsel for the Justice Department.

Durham's efforts follows Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation that effectively debunked the narrative of collusion between the campaign and Russian operatives. 

Late last month, Trump issued a brief statement inquiring after Durham's whereabouts.

"Is he a living, breathing human being? Will there ever be a Durham report?" Trump asked in the statement.

Fitton said Thursday he's not so concerned about just the report.

"I'm less interested in a report, frankly, then actual prosecutions," he said. "I could write a report. Prosecutors are supposed to prosecute." 

Fitton continued: "Is he doing a serious criminal investigation? ... No one with significant power has been seriously investigated by Durham, as best I can tell."

He also argued what the American public will continue to see – instead of substantial prosecutions from Durham – is "continued harassment by the Justice Department of Trump world," citing the raid Wednesday morning on former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani's Manhattan apartment and office.