Country star John Rich says won lawsuit over vaccine-mandatory shows, 'never bent a knee'

Many responses Rich got were supportive with many thanking him for standing up for medical freedom
covid shot

Country music singer John Rich says a judge has dismissed a lawsuit against him by a venue promoter who sued him for canceling a show after the venue changed it rules for concert-goers having been vaccinated for COVID-19.

"During the lockdowns, I stated I'd NEVER play a concert venue that forced fans to show their "papers" for entry concerning Covid," Rich tweeted Thursday. "One venue added that rule after I agreed to play, so I cancelled it. The promoter sued me. He LOST the case today! Happy to say I never bent the knee."

A spokesperson from John Rich's team told Just the News on Friday that the lawsuit against Rich was dismissed.

Rich's Twitter followers responded to the post with messages of support and thanked him for standing up for freedom.

"Thank you for sticking to your principles," one user wrote. "Stands like this are few and far between with high profile people who have a lot to lose."

Others called Rich a hero.

The country singer is also behind the creation of a new bank titled "Old Glory Bank" which plans to support freedom of speech and address widespread concerns from conservative about banks punishing them and their accounts for political and religious beliefs. 

Rich also had a big country hit in July of 2022, with his hit song, "Progress," which was No. 1 in music charts for 12 days.