Explosion in Ohio metal factory sends 13 people to the hospital

Fire officials have requested residents stay away from the area as rescue crews work.
Smoke from the crash site near East Palestine, Feb. 4

An explosion in a metal factory near Oakwood, Ohio hospitalized 13 people Monday, according to fire officials.

The fire started around 3 p.m. Monday and the bulk of the fire was put out at around 5 p.m. 

Capt. Brian DiRocco of the Oakwood Village Fire Department said that at least one person is in critical condition and all staff have been accounted for.

Multiple fire departments responded to the fire and as of now the cause is unknown.

Bystander Stephenie Davis told CNN that she was at her job in Oakwood Village and felt her building start to shake. She said that she witnessed a “huge cloud of black smoke” that was coming from a building less than 1,000 feet away."

“Some windows at our neighboring building in front of us were blown out, cars were damaged and debris was on the ground on fire,” Davis told CNN. 

Videos and pictures of the smoke from the explosion have been posted to various social media platforms.

The fire department has requested residents stay away from the area as the crews work.