Former GOP Gov. Christie says Biden 'lying' about Georgia's new election law

Christie said Biden has "broken his own rule" about speaking the truth.
Chris Christie
Chris Christie
(Riccardo Savi/Getty Images for Concordia Summit)

Former New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie says President Joe Biden is "lying" about the facts of the recently enacted Georgia voting law. 

"He’s lying about this bill. He’s lying to the American people about it to cause the raging fire he said he was going to put out," Christie said said Sunday on ABC's This Week. "I’m very disappointed."

Georgia Republicans recently passed and signed into law a voting reform law that Biden, fellow Democrats and others say restricts voting. 

Biden has called the measure "Jim Crow on the 21st Century," referring to state and local laws on racial segregation in the southern United States through the mid-1960s.

Christie spoke as a part of the show's roundtable debate on the issue.

"Joe Biden’s not a liar," Rahm Emanuel, a chief of staff in the Obama administration, in which Biden was vice president, shot back at Christie. "We just spent four years with a person who literally couldn’t find the truth if it said 'choo-choo' in front of him in the morning."