Dr. Oz announces run for Senate in Pennsylvania as a Republican

" I’m a world-class surgeon, fighter, and health care advocate stepping forward to cure our country’s ills," said the TV doctor
Dr. Mehmet Oz

November 30, 2021 1:56pm

Updated: November 30, 2021 2:58pm

Celebrity physician and TV show host Dr. Mehmet Oz has announced his campaign bid to become the next Republican senator from Pennsylvania.

Oz adds his name to a list of candidates already vying to succeed retiring GOP Sen. Pat Toomey, and joins a separate list of celebrity candidates with big platforms and limited political experience who have begun jumping into races over the past several year.

On Monday evening, Fox News host Sean Hannity teased a Tuesday night appearance by Oz, during which he is slated to make a "huge announcement."

"Hint: think midterm election," said the host. It seems as though Oz couldn't wait until the evening broadcast, instead posting the announcement on his website.

"Today, America's heartbeat is in a code red in need of a defibrillator to shock it back to life ... I'm running for U.S. Senate to reignite our divine spark, bravely fight for freedom, and will tell it like it is."

Last week, former congressional candidate and decorated military veteran Sean Parnell exited the Republican primary field following a custody battle that he lost, in addition to several messy interpersonal family details coming to light. Parnell had received the endorsement of former President Trump.

The field remains populated by the likes of successful real estate developer Jeff Bartos, and former Ambassador to Denmark Carla Sands.

Oz has lived in New Jersey for years, close by, as it happens, to Sean Hannity, but registered to vote in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania in 2020. 

The Pennsylvania race is considered a toss up and will be closely watched as Democrats attempt to build on their extremely slim Senate majority, and Republicans fight to win back enough seats to wrestle power away from their colleagues across the aisle.