Former senator once told Biden he would 'kick the s***' out of him for getting handsy with wife

Former New Hampshire GOP Senator Scott Brown said that Biden “didn’t act the way I thought he should and we called him on it and that’s it.”
Former Sen. Scott Brown and wife Gail

Former Republican U.S. Senator Scott Brown (NH) said in an interview this week that he once told then-Vice President Joe Biden that he would “kick the s***” out of him, when Biden got too familiar with Brown’s wife, according to The Daily Wire.

The remarks were made in an interview on “Tom Shattuck’s Burn Barrel.” Shattuck was talking about how Biden had been dropping in the polls, citing as one reason for that being that “people are irked out about all the hair sniffing and things.”

“Women are skeeved out by that stuff and he’s not a good guy. You know him,” Shattuck said to Brown, who later served as U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand during the Trump administration,

Brown struck a sympathetic note about Biden, saying that his health problems were making things worse.

“We all know people who have dementia and have the beginning of Alzheimer’s and, you know, he’s got it,” Brown said. “It’s the walk, it’s the way he’s mumbling, his anger outbursts, and you know, it’s a shame that we can’t do better, as I said, in this great country, but you know a lot of people don’t wanna run because of everything you’re seeing now.”

That led to Shattuck bringing up a story that Brown had told him a few years back about the time Biden allegedly got inappropriate with his wife.

“When you got sworn in as senator, was he like hair-sniffing Gail or handsy with Gail, or did I imagine that?” Shattuck asked.

“Yeah, yeah,” Brown responded. “I told him I’d kick the s*** out — I told him to stop, so yes.”

Brown said that Biden “didn’t act the way I thought he should and we called him on it and that’s it.”

When asked if he called out Biden right to his face as it happened, Brown responded, “Oh yeah.”