Grassley, Johnson ask federal agencies for information on Hunter Biden gun controversy

Officials were given two weeks to respond.
Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden
(Kris Connor / Getty Images)

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley and Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson this week announced that they were seeking information from multiple federal agencies regarding the controversy surrounding a firearm allegedly purchased and potentially discarded by President Joe Biden's son Hunter. 

In letters to the FBI, the Department of Justice and the Secret Service, the Republican politicians asked for records from each agency related to their involvement with the unfolding scandal, in which a gun reportedly belonging to Hunter Biden was found discarded in a "trash can behind a grocery store."

The Secret Service "allegedly became involved" in the matter, Grassley and Johnson note. "If true," they wrote to the agency, "USSS must explain to Congress why such informal actions were taken and whether they were necessary in light of the circumstances."

The Secret Service and the other two agencies were asked to produce records relating to the issue no later than Apr. 8.