McAuliffe embraces Biden in homestretch of campaign: 'We've had great success with the president'

McAuliffe referred to GOP challenger Youngkin as 'Trump in khakis' on Friday

With less than two weeks before Election Day, former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who is running for a second term, is embracing President Joe Biden despite his declining approval rating. 

He predicted that Biden's infrastructure bill that passed the Senate would ultimately pass the House. 

"We need this in this country. I need that $7 billion for roads here. So, you know, I've been consistent, let's get it done together. And let's get this figured out. We need help out here in the states," McAuliffe said. "But listen, we've had great success with the president; $14.3 billion is coming to Virginia from the American Rescue Plan. They're reducing child poverty by 50%. This is a next very important piece." 

McAuliffe is locked in a tight race with his GOP opponent, businessman Glenn Youngkin. McAuliffe has been trying to tie Youngkin to former President Trump throughout the campaign. On Friday, McAuliffe referred to Youngkin as "Trump in khakis."

His repeated references to Trump in the final debate prompted a response from Youngkin: "You're running against Glenn Youngkin."

"There's an over and under tonight on how many times you're going to say Donald Trump, and it was 10, and you just busted through it," Youngkin said. "You're running against Glenn Youngkin."

Youngkin has also attempted to connect McAuliffe with President Biden, whose approval rating has been dropping, according to the latest polling from Gallup.

Despite this, McAuliffe is campaigning with Biden for a second time next week. Youngkin reportedly doesn't have plans to campaign with Trump.

Speaking to the press in Arlington on Friday, McAuliffe said, "People are voting for me and voting for this ticket because we'll take Virginia, we're not going back to a Trump wannabe, you know, as I say, Donald Trump in khakis; divisive, hateful rhetoric, dividing folks. I'm about uniting. My team is about uniting."

McAuliffe went on to claim that Youngkin thanked the organizers of a recent rally where participants pledged allegiance to a U.S. flag demonstrated during the Jan. 6 rally before the Capitol riot took place. Youngkin, who did not attend, denounced the rally and the use of the Jan. 6 flag.

"They used that flag at a rally to destroy the democracy. And what did Glenn Youngkin do? He thanked, profusely, the organizers of that event," McAuliffe said. 

Following the rally, Youngkin released a statement about the flag and the Jan. 6 references.

"While I had no role in last night’s event, I have heard about it from many people in the media today. It is weird and wrong to pledge allegiance to a flag connected to January 6," said Youngkin. "As I have said many times before, the violence that occurred on January 6 was sickening and wrong."

When reached for comment on McAuliffe's statements on Friday, the Youngkin campaign referred to the GOP candidate's full statement about the rally.