House Judiciary Committee will continue investigation of Supreme Court leak: Report

Supreme Court itself was unable to determine identity of leaker.
Jim Jordan.
Rep. Jim Jordan, August 24, 2020, Washington, DC.
(Tom Williams-Pool/Getty Images)

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee will continue to investigate the source of the unprecedented Supreme Court opinion leak last year after the Court’s internal investigation was unable to verify the identity of the laker.

An anonymous source told Fox News that the committee, led by Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, “intends to probe the matter” after the Court this week said it could not determine the source of the leak. 

The court in May of last year was rocked by a leak scandal in which Politico published a surreptitious draft of the decision in Dobbs v. Jack Women’s Health Organization. 

The draft opinion indicated that the Court was preparing to overturn the decades-old Roe v. Wade abortion decision; the final opinion, issued in June, largely matched the leaked draft.