House passes budget resolution with Biden stimulus plan likely to follow

"Reconciliation" allows Senate to subvert threat of filibuster.

House Democrats on Friday voted in favor of the Senate's budget resolution, teeing up the likely passage of President Joe Biden's mammoth $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan. The vote was 219-209, with one Democrat defecting and voting with every Republican. 

Senate Democrats early on Friday had passed the budget resolution by invoking reconciliation, a rule in which budget-related proposals can avoid the 60-vote supermajority required to end filibusters and bring most bills to the Senate floor. Reconciliation is generally deployed in order to avoid those filibusters and drawn-out political horse-trading. 

Biden's relief and stimulus proposals are not yet set in stone; provisions in the budget resolution allow Congress to craft the specifics of that package at a later date. 

The particulars of the COVID relief plan will likely be nailed down in several weeks' time following the post-presidency impeachment trial of Donald Trump.