House Republicans say Don McGahn's testimony did not show any wrongdoing by President Trump

McGahn said that he did not witness any collusion with Russia by the Trump campaign.
White House Counsel Don McGahn in 2018

A press release from House Judiciary Committee Republicans says that the committee's June 4 interview with former White House Counsel Don McGahn did not produce evidence of any wrongdoing by President Donald Trump.

"Contrary to the Democrats' endless accusations, the interview uncovered no evidence of misconduct, wrongdoing, or criminality on the part of President Trump. The interview uncovered no nefarious plot to stifle ongoing investigations in relation to the Mueller probe or other related inquiries into the Trump Administration. If there is any clear conclusion from the interview, it is that the Democrats over promised when it came to McGahn's testimony and failed again to find any wrongdoing on the part of President Trump," the press release says.

A memo highlights various sections of McGahn's testimony, including that McGahn said he did not witness any collusion with Russia while he worked for the Trump campaign. McGahn said that he "didn't witness anything of the sort."

The full transcript shows that McGahn pointed out that he "represented the campaign," noting that he "was in a law firm representing the campaign," but that he was not a campaign employee.

House Judiciary Committee Chair Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a Democrat from New York, said in a statement regarding McGahn's testimony that "McGahn provided the Committee with substantial new information—including firsthand accounts of President Trump's increasingly out of control behavior, and insight into concerns that the former President's conduct could expose both Trump and McGahn to criminal liability."