Johnson doesn't expect a compromise election integrity bill, says Dems want to make it easy to cheat

Johnson blasted Democratic-backed For the People Act.
Sen. Ron Johnson in 2020

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin does not see a path toward passing any bipartisan compromise election integrity legislation prior to the 2022 midterms because he says that Republicans want to make cheating difficult but Democrats want to make it easy.

Democratic-backed election-related legislation known as the For the People Act died in the Senate chamber on Tuesday evening when it failed to surmount a Republican filibuster in a 50-50 vote.

During an interview with Just the News editor-in-chief John Solomon on Tuesday night's "Securing our Elections: Protecting Your Vote" special on Real America's Voice, Johnson described the legislation as an "Orwellian named bill," which is actually about Democrats "consolidating their control over the government, which means ... consolidating control over each individual Americans' life."

"So just about everything in this bill is gonna make it easier for people to commit election fraud at a moment in history where what we should be doing is trying to restore confidence in the legitimacy and integrity of our election system," Johnson said.