Rep. Andy Biggs: Nancy Pelosi's hypocrisy on impeachment, metal detectors

Rep. Biggs calls out Democrats on the lack of investigation into the Capitol riot.

Representative Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) doubts there will be an investigation into the evidence regarding the planning of the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot.

Discussing the events that led up to the attack, Biggs told the John Solomon Reports podcast that "no investigation has been done."

At the time of the House's second impeachment of President Trump, "We didn't even know anything about the pre-planning that has now been revealed," Biggs said. "We didn't know about what the Chief of Police said about the optics ... and Nancy Pelosi hasn't had to answer any questions on that — none of that happened before they impeached President Trump."

Biggs explained that while he hopes Congress will get a chance to investigate what happened prior to the Capitol riot, he's doubtful. "I'm hoping that we can see some of that in the questions that go forward in the last part of this impeachment trial when the president's defending team can basically assert to the House managers, 'What did the speaker know?'" Biggs said.

"Well not only just what did [Pelosi] know, what did anybody else know in leadership over there? And when did they know it? And what — how did they respond once they knew? Because, ostensibly, I mean, the evidence seems to indicate that they knew a day or two, maybe more, beforehand, and did nothing — didn't do anything," Biggs said.

As for what the FBI knew prior to Jan. 6, Biggs said, "[I]n Judiciary Committee, we'd like to have [FBI Director] Christopher Wray come in, we would like to have oversight, we'd like to have these hearings. The question is whether the chairman of that committee, Jerry Nadler, will let us do that because I tend to think he probably won't because ... I don't think they really want all this stuff to come out. Yeah, they don't want the answer to these questions."

Biggs also mentioned Pelosi's hypocrisy with regard to her rule on Congress members passing through metal detectors prior to entering the House floor.

Two Republican representatives have been slapped with $5,000 fines for not going through the metal detectors, but they are appealing. "I know that a lawsuit has been filed against Nancy Pelosi in the House," Biggs added.

"Speaker Pelosi has no problem with telling you to do something and then doing whatever she darn well pleases," Biggs said in response to being asked about Pelosi violating the metal detector rule.

As a representative from the border state of Arizona, Biggs discussed the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. "We're now catching 3,000-3,500 people a day," said Biggs.

"That's 90,000 to 105,000 people a month that we're catching again," Biggs continued. "And at the height of our surge in 2019, it was about 150,000-157,000, I think roughly was the top number. We are already at two-thirds of that, and they're overrun. I was just down at the border recently talking to ranchers, farmers, businesses, border patrol agents, and they all tell me they're slammed. They're slammed right now."

Biggs also discussed the harmful effects that poor border security has on the illegal immigrants trying to enter the country. "They're abused, there's human trafficking, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, all going on. All of that's happening. And it happens because when you don't enforce your laws or your border, you incentivize people to come, and they're willing to take that chance," Biggs said.