Rep Buck asks AG Garland face to face whether he'll appoint special counsel for Hunter Biden artwork

Colorado lawmaker made request when Garland, the country's top law enforcement official, testified before House Judiciary Committee 
Hunter Biden with father Joe Biden
Hunter Biden with father Joe Biden
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GOP Rep. Ken Buck is now personally asking Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel to investigate the art sales of President Biden's son Hunter.

The Colorado lawmaker made his face-to-face request Thursday when Garland, the country's top law enforcement official, testified before the House Judiciary Committee. 

Bucks and others are raising concerns about Biden, a relatively novice artist, using his father's power and fame to sell paintings well above their market value, in one sale purportedly $500,000, and furthermore question whether buyers paying so much money that they might use the situation to try to buy influence. 

The Biden White House has attempted to put safeguards in place to avoid such a situation. 

Buck began his line of questioning Thursday by showing two pieces of artwork from Claude Monet and Edgar Degas, listed or sold at Christie’s for $700,000 and $500,000, respectively. Immediately after, he showed a third painting, according to the New York Post

"You may recognize this painting is a Hunter Biden," said Buck, who also said he’s already sent a letter to the Justice Department on the matter. "The Hunter Biden painting sold for $500,000." 

Buck also argued Biden was unable to find a gallery to list his artwork before his father became president last year. 

"And what happened in 2020 that changed all that, is that his dad became president of the United States," Buck continued. "Now a single piece of art from Hunter Biden sells for more than the average American home." 

Buck proceeded to ask Garland if he would appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden, noting his office sent a letter to the Department of Justice making the same request, the Post also reported.

Garland responded: For "the same reason I’m not to respond to questions about investigations of the former president or anyone else, I’m not going to discuss or otherwise with respect to any US citizen."

Buck replied: "You are allowed to tell us whether you will appoint a special counsel."

Garland said he was unaware that Buck's office had sent the letter, also according to the Post.