Crenshaw says 'you're not gonna excommunicate a former president' from the Republican Party

Crenshaw said that he does not believe that "Trump is the devil," but he also does not "think he's Jesus either."
Rep. Dan Crenshaw
Rep. Dan Crenshaw
(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Representative Dan Crenshaw during an interview on NBC's Meet the Press said that he does not think that a former president is going to get ousted from the Republican Party.

"I believe that you're not gonna excommunicate a former president, right?" Crenshaw said in response to anchor Chuck Todd asking whether he believes former President Donald Trump is a legitimate GOP leader.

The Texas Republican said that he refuses to engage in that "sort of black and white thinking, about, it's either totally one thing or totally the other. These are complex human relationships that involve millions of people. And I have always said, look, I do not think Trump is the devil, and I won't say that. I don't think he's Jesus either."

Crenshaw said that while he gets questions from people about a variety of issues such as illegal border crossings and inflation, he does not face questions about issues related to Rep. Liz Cheney and Trump's election fraud allegations.