Senate approves Biden's nomination for second ranked office at Department of the Interior

Beaudreau is the latest confirmation of key positions in Biden's administration.
Beaudreau during a recent hearing

The Senate on Thursday confirmed Tommy Beaudreau to to the No. 2 post at the Interior Department.

Beaudreau was confirmed with a 88-9 vote that included eight and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, an Indepedant who largely caucuses with Democrats, opposing the confirmation. 

Beaudreau will work alongside Secretary Deb Haaland. His nomination came after Biden pulled his recommendation of Elizabeth Klein when it became clear she would not receive the numbers to confirm. Klein had come under heat from Republicans because of previous comments criticizing the oil and gas sector. The amount of Republicans opposed would not have made her confirmation possible.

Beaudreau has previously serving as the first director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and Interior chief of staff. He also worked for the Obama Administration.