Senate GOP leaves town without proposal for coronavirus recovery package

The Senate majority party was unable to agree on terms for the fourth coronavirus recovery plan this week, as enhanced unemployment benefits are set to lapse for many Americans within the next couple of days

Updated: July 24, 2020 - 12:17pm

The Republican-controlled Senate departed from Capitol Hill this weekend without releasing its next coronavirus recovery package, as some unemployment benefits for millions of jobless Americans are about to expire. 

The Democrat-controlled House in May passed its plan, the roughly $3 trillion CARES Act. Senate Republican, along with the White House, have rejected that plan but have yet to agree on an alternative plan.

The main cause of dispute between party members is reportedly the extension of the $600 weekly, enhanced unemployment benefits.

On Thursday, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said that the new bill will include an extension of the plan where workers will receive 70% of their wage. Despite the wishes of the president, there will also be no payroll tax cut in the plan. 

At very earliest, the Republicans will release a plan for their recovery package on Monday. Earlier this week, Majority Leader McConnell said the package will be worth about $1 trillion dollars, which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not think is an adequate figure. With enhanced unemployment benefits set to lapse in the next seven days, and re-election races inching closer to their finish lines, the Senate GOP has no more time to waste.

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