Senate votes to advance bipartisan infrastructure bill in procedural vote

The chamber voted 66-28

Updated: July 30, 2021 - 1:25pm

The Senate on Friday voted to advance the bipartisan infrastructure plan. The final vote on the procedural measure, which required just a simple majority to succeed, was 66-28.

The vote was delayed briefly during the late morning as Senators scrambled to work out a bug in the deal related to broadband access. 

On Wednesday, the chamber advanced the proposal by a margin of 67-32 in a test vote. 

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, of New York, has braced the Senate to possibly remain in session over the weekend to debate the bill. Democrats are now trying to (in a hurry) secure the success of two significant portions of their economic agenda prior to the chamber's scheduled August recess. 

The text of the bill has not yet been released, though the measure will include $550 billion in new funds for transportation, power, water and broadband services across the country.

Senate Democrats hope to pass the bipartisan bill alongside a much larger $3.5 trillion spending packages that would include plans that had to be cut from the infrastructure legislation to satisfy Republican negotiating partners.

The budget bill could include anything from climate policy to legislation addressing immigration. Schumer hopes to unlock the budget reconciliation process before August recess, which would allow Democrats to pass (at least parts) of the massive spending bill without support from Republicans. 

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