Dems come under fire from both sides after switching stance on witnesses in Trump impeachment trial

'This is retreat. White flag. Malpractice,' Progressive Change Campaign Committee co-founder Adam Green tweeted; while GOP Rep Bill wrote: 'This is a mess!'
U.S. Capitol in 2018

Democrat impeachment managers came under fire from both sides of the political spectrum for switching course on whether to call witnesses during the Donald Trump impeachment trial.

Former President Trump was acquitted 57-43 on Saturday in the Senate. 

Controversy erupted over the decision to read a statement into the record from Washington state Republican Rep. Herrera Beutler, rather than depose her.  

"We tried this case as aggressively as we could on the law and on the facts," lead impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin said, according to Fox News. "We got from the president's lawyers exactly what we wanted which was the entering into the evidentiary record of the statement by our colleague Congresswoman Beutler."

Raskin added that he was able to read the statement and that it was important to the case. 

"We could have had 500 witnesses and it would have not have overcome the kinds of arguments being made by Mitch McConnell and other Republicans who were hanging their hats on the claim that it was somehow unconstitutional to try a former president," Raskin said, according to the outlet.

The trial culminated with former Trump being acquitted of the single article of impeachment. 

"This is retreat. White flag. Malpractice. Completely unstrategic," Progressive Change Campaign Committee Co-founder Adam Green tweeted. "They just closed the door on others who may have stepped out, as @HerreraBeutler urged last night. Just when we thought Dems were being bold and strategic. This is grabbing lameness out of the jaws of boldness."

"Even if you’re convinced no testimony will change the minds of 40 Republicans — and I think that’s a fair assumption — leaving witnesses on the table is an incredible mistake," Matt Fuller of the Huff Post tweeted. "After impeachment managers presented a fantastic case, the decision to fold is what will be remembered."

GOP Sen. Bill Hagerty of Tennessee tweeted: "This is a mess! It was a last-minute Hail Mary by Democrats who have now caved and will not call witnesses after all. We should be governing, not playing games."