America First attorneys demand rural Iowa school stops 'indoctrinating' students with CRT

The small school's "Social Justice in Literature" is under fire
Every desk is taken in professor Jeanne (cq) Neil's Accounting 101 classroom at Orange Coast Community College in Costa Mesa, CA, on Sept 10, 2011.

A school district in Baxter, Iowa, is reportedly teaching a "Social Justice in Literature" course in violation of state law, and attorneys with America First Policy Institute’s Constitutional Litigation Partnership are demanding the district stop.

The course, offered as an elective at Baxter High School, teaches students to "use a social justice lens to analyze contemporary young adult fiction," according to a description from the school in attorneys' demand letter.

The group also filed a Freedom of Information Act request for documents in the school district that contain information about social justice, Critical Race Theory (CRT), and similar topics.

Baxter School District has fewer than 470 students enrolled in grades K-12, Department of Education data shows.

Iowa passed a law last summer to prevent the teaching of CRT and other controversial topics in schools.

"The America First Policy Institute stands with the brave parents of Baxter Community School District, and across the Nation, who are saying no more to the un-American indoctrination of our children," said Craig Trainor, Constitutional Litigation Partnership's Senior Litigation Counsel, in a press release

"School should prepare students for citizenship in our constitutional republic and colorblind society, not turn impressionable children into social justice warriors who view all that is good and just through the distorted lens of race, sex, gender, power, and politics," he wrote.

The America First legal group is demanding the district rescind the course; inform parents, students, and staff about the decision; and follow Iowa's anti-CRT law.