Arizona woman gets three years probation for casting dead mother's ballot in 2020

The woman must also pay a nearly $900 fine
Ballot drop box, Pennsylvania

An Arizona judge sentenced a woman on Monday to three years of supervised probation for illegally voting on behalf of her deceased mother in Cochise County during the 2020 general election, Arizona Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced Monday.

Krista Michelle Conner, 56, must also pay a $890 fine and complete 100 hours of community service. Her voter registration has been revoked but may be reinstated after she completes her probation.

Conner originally pleaded guilty to the Class 6 felony of illegal voting in April.

"Conner illegally placed a signature on the envelope of her recently deceased mother’s early ballot envelope and cast a vote on behalf of Caroline Jeanne Sullivan. Sullivan died approximately one month before Conner signed the envelope," the attorney general noted in a press release.

Former President Donald Trump has criticized Brnovich's handling of voter fraud since the 2020 election. 

In an endorsement for challenger Blake Masters, Trump said Brnovich was "such a disappointment."

The former president claimed, that the Arizona state Senate gave the attorney general "overwhelming evidence of fraud and irregularities, issued a report which was damning, and he did nothing about it."