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Chinese American college student banned from campus after posting photo of AR-15 sues school

Austin Tong showed his support for police and his gun on social media, and the school considered it a threat and hate crime.

Updated: November 16, 2020 - 4:14pm

The Facts Inside Our Reporter’s Notebook

A Chinese American student at Fordham University was accused of a hate crime by posting a photo of his gun to social media, and has now gained attention from his lawsuit and viral Instagram post appreciating what President Trump has done for the country.

Student Austin Tong said he used to be a loud liberal, but ever since Trump was elected in 2016, has supported him.

"As a Chinese American, I feel he cares about Chinese people and Chinese American people. And I feel it's different when you criticize a government compared to a people. I think he cares," he said on "Just the News AM."

Tong posted a photo of himself with his AR-15 in his backyard and also showed his support for the police. His school accused him of threatening people because he had a gun, said he committed a hate crime, and banned him from campus.

Tong filed a lawsuit against the schools disciplinary actions, and a New York judge dismissed the case ruling that the school had the right to punish him.

Tong said he has appealed the decision and plans to continue fighting. He told show host Carrie Sheffield that the Trump administration became involved and there are now two investigations into Fordham on freedom of speech and foreign money.

Tong is confident Trump will win the presidential election, and wrote out a long message on social media that has gone viral where he sarcastically calls Trump "the worst president ever" for his positive impact on "unemployment, historic economic deals, tax cuts and peace deals no wars, historic rising income and cheaper meds for middle class families."

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