Judge agrees with Ghislaine Maxwell some details of case too 'sensational and impure' for public

The trial for the former close friend of Jeffrey Epstein is set for July 2021.
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

Some details in the criminal case against Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell will not made public, a federal judge in New York has ruled. 

Judge Alison J. Nathan, of the district court in the Southern District of New York, made the ruling Thursday at the request of Maxwell, who is await trial in a Brooklyn detention center.

The ruling is on redactions that Maxwell had asked for regarding transcripts the government filed under seal last month, according to the New York Post.

The 59-year-old Maxwell faces four counts of sex charges involving three minors and two counts of perjury. charges. If found guilty, she could face up to 35 years in prison for the six charges – in part related to finding underage females for Epstein. The charges are also related to lying under oath, the newspaper also reports.

She was arrested on the charges in July 2020, and her trial is scheduled to begin in about four months. 

"Those portions of the transcript, which were redacted in the civil matter, concern privacy interests and their disclosure would merely serve to cater to a 'craving for that which is sensational and impure,' " Nathan wrote in the order. 

Nathan also granted redactions to prosecutors who argued that some parts of the transcript should be hidden to "protect the integrity" and privacy of the investigation. 

Epstein, a billionaire financier, killed himself in a New York jail in August 2019 awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges. In 2008, he reached a plea deal in Florida in which he pleaded guilty to state charges of soliciting a minor for prostitution.