Judge dismisses Arizona GOP candidate’s challenge to attorney general election

Republican says “thousands” of uncounted ballots remain.
Abe Hamedeh, Nov. 2022

A judge in Arizona this week dismissed a Republican candidate’s election challenge lawsuit there, with the candidate himself later indicating he would continue to pursue investigations into the 2022 vote there.

Mohave County Superior Court Judge Lee Jantzen dismissed GOP attorney general candidate Abe Hamadeh’s challenge lawsuit on Friday, claiming there was not enough evidence to support allegations of possible malfeasance. 

Hamadeh on Friday criticized what he said were the unfair policies imposed upon his team as they proceeded with the election challenge. 

“Maricopa County was given three weeks to count ballots,” he wrote on Twitter. “We were given 6 hours the day before trial. This is how they operate.”

The judge had earlier ordered a same-day ballot inspection on Thursday while also denying Hamadeh access to a spreadsheet detailing voter choices in the race, claiming giving the candidate access to the latter would violate election statutes.

Elsewhere Hamadeh argued: “There are thousands of uncounted provisionals ballots. Thousands of voters were disenfranchised. Election Day in Maricopa County was a disaster. Election officials failed democracy.”

“My team will await the results of the recount before deciding our next steps,” he added.