Former NBA star files suit against Washington state AG for allegedly violating doctors' free speech

Stockton said many doctors have shown him support for this lawsuit.
Doctor with stethoscope, file photo

Former NBA Hall of Famer John Stockton filed a lawsuit Thursday against the Washington state attorney general and other elected officials for allegedly limiting the free speech of doctors who spoke out against the mainstream COVID-19 narrative. 

"I think it's pretty simple," Stockton said during an interview with Fox News. "It's freedom. Even though we talk about medical freedom and things, it's freedom and freedom to speak. It's our First Amendment." 

The lawsuit alleged that Washington state indicated that doctors who didn't go along with the mainstream COVID-19 narrative would be sanctioned, according to Yahoo News.

It was filed against Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson and other officials. 

Plaintiffs in the case include retired ophthalmologist Dr. Richard Eggleston, who reportedly did face sanctions for his stance on the virus, and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has been known for speaking out against vaccines. 

"So if the doctors can't speak… these brilliant people that we have in our culture, can't speak when they know truths….their truths, and now we're deprived of that opportunity to hear… the… wisdom they have to share, I think that's a big deal," Stockton said during the interview. 

He added that many doctors have shown him support for this lawsuit. 

"I've received calls from people and doctors that I haven't spoken to in quite a while, and they're just so grateful," he said. "They're grateful that somebody is stepping up that has a voice. Clearly anybody can do it, but apparently I have a little bit more voice than the average citizen, and they're just grateful somebody's stepping up and say[ing], 'hey, there's something wrong here.'"