Prosecution rests in Hunter Biden gun trial as defense calls for an acquittal

Now the defense will call its own witnesses.
Hunter Biden, Oct. 3, 2023, Wilmington, De.

The prosecution rested its case Friday in Hunter Biden's Delaware gun trial. The defense immediately moved for an acquittal. 

This followed cross examination of the final prosecution witnesses by Biden's defense attorney's Friday morning. The trial began five days ago with jury selection and featured testimony from Hunter Biden's ex-wife, two ex-girlfriends, and a firearm salesman. 

Hunter Biden was charged in Delaware by Justice Department special counsel David Weiss with three felony crimes in connection to 2018 firearm purchase while he was using drugs.

The accusations include lying to the licensed gun dealer, making a false claim on the application used to screen firearm's buyers by saying he was not a drug user, and illegally possessing the firearm for 11 days.

After the prosecution rested, Biden's defense attorney's immediately moved for an acquittal on the grounds that the prosecution violates the Second Amendment, according to CNN