Supreme Court cancels Title 42 hearings, with Biden administration set to end Trump-era law in May

The high court gave no explanation about its decision, but the Biden administration has said the case will moot in May when the public health-law expires.
Supreme Court exterior

The Supreme Court has removed from its docket a case related to Title 42, a decades-old law activated by the Trump administration to limit immigration during the pandemic.

Oral arguments were set to begin March 1.

The court announced the change Thursday without explanation, but it came after the administration already said the case would be rendered moot once the border restrictions expire in early May, according to CBS News

The case centers on whether a group of Republican-led states should be allowed to defend the legality of Title 42, which the administration is trying to end on the argument it's no longer needed.

Their argument, the administration argues, will be moot May 11 because on that day the national COVID-19 public health emergency will expire, the news outlet also reports.

Title 42 has allowed U.S. officials on the southern U.S. border to expel migrants roughly 2.6 million times to Mexico or their home country without granting them asylum, according to federal data reviewed by CBS News.