Texas lawyer gets released on $40k bond after allegedly trying to shoot ex-girlfriend point-blank

District Attorney points to judge as determinant of bond amount.
Gavin Rush's mug shot

A Texas attorney is back on the streets after being accused of pulling a gun and attempting to shoot his ex-girlfriend point-blank. 

Video circulated around the Internet this week of what appeared to be Austin attorney Gavin Rush entering a bar in the city and drawing a weapon on his ex-girlfriend, after which he was tackled to the ground by two patrons. 

Yet in spite of the evidence and the apparent seriousness of the incident, Rush was back on the streets quickly after being apprehended.

Rush's bond "was set at $40,000," CBS Austin noted, which "usually means the suspect pays 10% of that or $4,000."

Asked by the network whether $40,000 "is a sufficient bond for a crime of this type," Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza responded: "I don’t know what information the magistrate had in front of them when they made that decision."

“Under state law and under local practice, the District Attorney’s Office and prosecutors generally are not present at the setting of bail. That is something that municipal judges do without input from the District Attorney’s Office,” said Garza.

Other media reports claims that Rush attempted to shoot himself in the head after being tackled by the patrons, according to a witness in the bar.