Texas Planned Parenthood drops suit against being disqualified for Medicaid funds

A federal court upheld Texas' decision to bar Planned Parenthood from Medicaid in November 2020.
Planned Parenthood support rally in Washington, DC
Planned Parenthood support rally in Washington, DC
(Astrid Riecken / Getty Images)

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas has dropped its lawsuit against the state over disqualifying it from using Medicaid to pay for services.

David Daleiden, founder of the anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress, tweeted Thursday that the Planned Parenthood group had dropped the case and on Friday providing Just The News with the court documents.

"Planned Parenthood dismissed their lawsuit against Texas, surrendering to their disqualification from Medicaid due to their wrongdoing found on my undercover video," Daleiden claimed in a statement this week. "Evidence confirmed by the federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals."

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas has not returned a request for comment from Just the News about the case.

In November 2020, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the Planned Parenthood group could not challenge Texas' decision to withhold Medicaid funds.

In 2015, Texas moved to defund Planned Parenthood as Daleiden and his group released the undercover videos alleging Planned Parenthood officials offered to sell aborted fetal tissue, according to The Dallas Morning News.

It's unclear whether Planned Parenthood ever commented on Daleiden's claims about the videos' impact.

However, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas wrote a post in March on its website acknowledging Texas' decision to bar it from using Medicaid funds and said its services would no longer be covered under Medicaid after March 12.