Biden names Comcast executive and Victoria Kennedy to ambassador posts

Biden named ambassadors to Austria, Canada, and Slovenia.
President Joe Biden.
President Joe Biden in Tulsa, Oklahoma une 01, 2021.
(Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

President Joe Biden on Wednesday said he plans to nominate a former Comcast executive and the widow of late Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy to ambassador positions.

Biden said he plans to nominate David L. Cohen, who as late as 2020 worked as the senior executive vice president of Comcast for the United States ambassador to Canada, according to The Hill.

Biden is also set to nominate Victoria Kennedy, who is the widow of Ted Kennedy, for the ambassadorship to Austria.

Cohen had previously held fundraising events for Biden during the 2020 presidential campaign. Kennedy is a longtime friend of Biden’s as the president had a good friendship with her husband when they served in the Senate together.

Biden also tapped Jamie Harpootlian, the wife of South Carolina politician and Biden supporter Dick Harpootlian to be the ambassador to Slovenia. All three of the picks were among Biden’s bundlers, according to CNN.