Customs and Border Protection apologizes for promoting ex-Trump adviser Miller's criticism of Biden

The border commissioner did not state that the posts were false or misleading, but said they "do not reflect the values of this administration."
U.S.-Mexico border

Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus has apologized for an official agency Twitter account having been used to promote posts from former Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller criticizing the Biden administration's immigration policies.

"This must not happen again," Mangus tweeted Saturday. 

Magnus said agency's West Texas Twitter account retweeted "offensive, unauthorized content" that is "totally unacceptable and disappointing."

He also said the agency will conduct an investigation and deactivate the account.

Miller was a top White House adviser, considered instrumental in helping draft former President Trump's hard-line immigration policy. 

"This is one of the most egregious examples I’ve ever seen of a US federal law enforcement agency defying elected political leadership in official communications," Activist Adam Isacson said in a tweet Saturday about the agency posts that included a photo of Miller's posts on crime and the border.

Miller wrote in one of the controversial posts retweeted by the agency: "The media's greatest power is its ability to frame what is a dire national crisis (eg 'cops are racist' summer '20) and what is not.

"Biden's eradication of our border means we are no longer a Republic–he's ended nearly 250 years of constitutional government. The media is silent."