DEI newsletter circulates US intel community, promoting cross-dressing and woke language: report

The overall theme of the document is "the importance of words" and making spy agencies a more inclusive place. 
CIA, Langley, Va., July 9, 2004

A "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion" newsletter that highlighted cross-dressing and woke language was recently circulated in the U.S. intelligence community, according to reports. 

It was sent to organizations such as the CIA and featured a secret agent who revealed he was a cross-dresser. 

The newsletter, called The Dive, included several left-wing initiatives, and was circulated by the Intelligence Community Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Office, according to Fox News Digital, which reviewed the document. 

"I am an intelligence officer, and I am a man who likes to wear women’s clothes sometimes," the anonymous officer wrote, according to the document. "I think my experiences as someone who crossdresses have sharpened the skills I use as an intelligence officer, particularly critical thinking and perspective-taking."

The newsletter also had a section on the importance of language and words and how removing "biased" language is important. 

Words such as "cakewalk" or "grandfathered" shouldn't be used by officers because they have ties to slavery, it said.

One article in the newsletter is from the perspective of an intelligence official who points out that some of his training "conflated Islamic beliefs with terrorism," according to the outlet. But then the author pushes back, writing that the use of such language "is offensive and alienates our Muslim-American colleagues."

The overall themes of the document are "the importance of words" and making spy agencies more inclusive places.