RAV journalists detained at gunpoint by border agents: 'Never had an encounter like this'

Detainment "reveals the backwards priorities of our leaders in Washington," journalist says.
Footage from RAV's encounter with border agents, Mar. 18

March 19, 2022 2:40pm

Updated: March 19, 2022 5:15pm

Journalists with the Real America's Voice TV network were detained by border patrol agents at the southern U.S. border on Friday, with a reporter describing being "detained at gunpoint" amid the open crossing of illegal immigrants into the United States. 

Ben Bergquam, a reporter with Real America's Voice — with whom Just the News is partnered — posted a video depicting him in the back of a border patrol vehicle, showing what appeared to be a border patrol agent directing Bergquam's colleagues with his gun drawn. 

"And all of this is happening [with] 60 illegal [immigrants] just standing by the wall, no problem," Bergquam said. 

In an exclusive statement to Just the News, Bergquam said that he has "been to this section of the border many times, both with law enforcement escorts and without, and have never had an encounter like this."

"While we have complete respect for law enforcement, we were stunned to be detained at gunpoint while illegal immigrants looked on right after crossing our southern border," he continued. "This incident reveals the backwards priorities of our leaders in Washington, unfortunately, as the border crisis worsens by the day."

RAV CEO Howard Diamond said that "such targeting of journalists has rarely ever happened in America."

"Though the Biden administration's border agency's detainment of our journalists greatly concerns us," Diamond said, "we remain undaunted in our commitment to deliver consistent and fact-based news reporting on the crisis on the southern border while the rest of the media ignore it."

Illegal immigrant crossings at the southern border have been significantly elevated since President Biden was sworn in, with reportedly upwards of 2 million illegal immigrant encounters by border patrol forces since January 2021.