New NASA head pledges to shoot for Trump 2024 deadline of putting another man on the moon

Nelson also emphasized climate change and diversity as top priorities.
Former U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson

Newly-minted NASA Administrator Bill Nelson on Friday confirmed that the space agency will be pursuing the goal originally suggested by former President Donald Trump to put an American back on the moon by 2024. 

Nelson, a former senator from Florida, told the Associated Press on Friday that he intends for the agency to pursue that ambitious goal. 

"We all know that space is hard,” he told the news wire. “But the goal is 2024.”

Specialists and experts have previously expressed doubt that that relatively early deadline could be met. Nelson said the issue needs to be studied further before a final decision is made. 

In addition, "Sen. Bill Nelson told The Associated Press on Friday that tracking climate change is a top issue. He also wants to diversify the space agency's workforce so it reflects America."