Government shuts down Florida national park after arrival of 'approximately 300' illegal immigrants

Closure is "necessary for the safety of visitors and staff."
Dry Tortugas National Park

The federal government this week shut down a Florida national park after hundreds of illegal immigrants arrived at the location unexpectedly. 

The National Parks Service said in a press release that Dry Tortugas National Park would be closed on Monday "while law enforcement and medical personnel evaluate, provide care for and coordinate transport to Key West for approximately 300 migrants who arrived in the park over the past couple of days."

"The closure, which is expected to last several days, is necessary for the safety of visitors and staff because of the resources and space needed to attend to the migrants. Concession-operated ferry and sea plane services are temporarily suspended," the NPS said. 

The closure "is expected to last several days," the park service said on its website. 

Dry Tortugas is located nearly 70 miles west of Key West; it is accessible only by boat and plane. Among the several islands located within the park's nautical confines is Garden Key, which holds the inactive U.S military installation of Fort Jefferson.