Child protective services worker fired after telling hungry 14-year-old girl to become a prostitute

"If you gonna be a ho — be a real ho," the CPS worker told the teenager.
Prostitute, stock image
Prostitute, stock image
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A Texas Child Protective Services employee has been fired after a video surfaced of her telling a hungry 14-year-old girl in foster care to become a prostitute.

"If you gonna be a ho – be a real ho," the worker told the teenager, who recorded the interaction with her cell phone. 

The employee told the girl that she had earned money before by being a prostitute.

"Because the worker had been telling her this is how you can make money, I used to do this, and you could do the same thing," the girl's mother, Keisha Bazley, told Fox 26. "When I saw the video with the lady, like my soul left my body."

Family law attorney Mike Schneider said Bazley is a mother of nine who called the agency because her teenage daughter has "some behavioral problems."

The Texas agency responded to Fox 26, stating that the person in the video was dismissed Aug. 10. It was unclear Thursday when the incident occurred.

"The safety and appropriateness with which children in care must be treated is our paramount concern. Nothing less will be tolerated," agency spokesperson Melissa Lanford said.