Washington protesters rally at Cuban embassy against the dictatorship, say Biden supports communism

The rally comes weeks after Cubans took to the streets in Cuba to protest the communist dictatorship.
Pro-Cuba protester demanding freedom for Cuba.
Protester demanding freedom for Cuba, MALAGA, SPAIN - 2021/07/13.
(Jesus Merida/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Pro-democracy protesters rallied at the Cuban embassy in Washington, D.C. Monday to demand an end to the dictatorship that has ruled the island nation for the past 62 years. Some protesters accused President Joe Biden and his administration of supporting communism.

"He [Biden] needs to get all [of] his advisers…get them out of there, and come here and talk to these people. We really know what's going on" one man told Fox News at the embassy. "The advisers he's got? They're supporting communists."

The protester wore a shirt that read, "You're wrong Joe, Cuba wants freedom." The shirt is referencing a statement by a senior State Department official who had tweeted that the administration viewed the protests as being "about rising COVID cases/deaths."

Multiple protesters told Fox News that Biden needs to help the Cuban people fight against the communist dictatorship.

"Help us out. People are dying in Cuba and the history between Cuba and the United States, it's from years, years ago," one protester said. "People are dying, multiple times Cuba has helped this country so it's time to return the favor," another added.