Report: Police succeed in clearing most Freedom Convoy protesters from U.S.-Canada Ambassador Bridge

Court order permitted clearing of demonstration; some protesters reportedly staying behind.
Police clear protesters on the Ambassador Bridge, Feb. 12

Canadian police forces on Saturday morning reportedly succeeding in clearing out most of the COVID-19 protesters on the U.S.-Canada Ambassador Bridge, several days after a wing of the anti-vaccine mandate Freedom Convoy shut down most traffic on the busy thoroughfare. 

The convoy of protesters and truckers had succeeded in snarling traffic on the much-traveled bridge, leading to major logistical headaches and a growing supply chain issue that has stretched from local grocers in Canada to auto manufacturing plants in the U.S. 

On Friday, a Canadian judge had issued an order authorizing police to clear protesters from the bridge. Law enforcement in Windsor, Ontario, just across the bridge from Detroit, said Saturday that it was "urg[ing] all demonstrators to act lawfully & peacefully" and disperse ahead of potential arrests. 

Trucks and cars began pulling away as police moved in, leaving just a small handful of protesters, according to the Daily Mail.

Canadian officials have been speaking of the broad Freedom Convoy movement in increasingly desperate terms in recent days, as the protests' ongoing gridlocks in Ottawa and elsewhere have contributed to growing headaches for both local and national officials. 

The truckers and protesters are demonstrating against ongoing COVID mandates in Canada and elsewhere. Their efforts have been met with opposition and praise around the world, including in copycat demonstrations such as those taking place in Paris on Saturday.

The demonstration started over truckers being required to wear a COVID mask. Among those urging Canadian officials to move quickly to end the supply-chain disruptions in cities across Canada, which have spread elsewhere, are the Biden administration and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.